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Being a consultant with us requires extensive experience in the field of crisis management. We place very high quality demands on our employees. The experiences must also be processed in a way that allows them to be translated into theory and form the basis for our efforts.

We have slightly different areas of expertise, but the basics are taken from general principles for crisis management and crisis management.

In addition to crisis management experts, Murphy Solution also has development and UX experts. This makes it possible to further develop the Murphy Crisis Management & Training Platform software together. Our team is responsive and incredibly efficient in constantly focusing on the customer and their needs.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you further on your exercise and crisis management journey.

Richard Eklind
+46 70 741 16 18   
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Metti Moeinaddini
Sales Manager
+46 72 999 70 10
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Elin Richarz Murphy Solution

Elin Richarz
Senior Consultant
+46 73 364 38 06
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Mats Bohman Murphy Solution

Mats Bohman
Senior Consultant
+46 70 354 80 66
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Craig Sumner
Senior Consultant
UK +44 75 371 445 14
SWE +46 72 999 70 13  
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Robin von Euler Murphy Solution seniorkonsult krishantering

Robin von Euler
Senior Consultant
+46 72 342 10 87
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Frida Williamsson Murphy Solution konsult krishantering

Frida Williamsson
+46 73 154 5422
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Johanna Williams
+46 72 999 70 11
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Tobias Luthin Murphy Solution juniorkonsult krishantering

Tobias Luthin
Junior Consultant
+46 72-999 70 14
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Adam Gilborne Murphy Solution Costumer Success Manager

Adam Gilborne
Customer Success Manager
+46 72 999 70 12
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Lena Norrman
Strategic Creator
+46 70 295 65 35
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Fredrik Dahlman

Sebastian Sandskär
Full Stack Developer

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