Strengthen your crisis leadership with a realistic crisis exercise – reduce the stress of the staff and increase your ability

Feeling safe is crucial to doing good work and reducing stress. But when a crisis occurs, whether it’s a cyber crisis, terrorist attack or death among your staff, uncertainty and surprises can lead to even more stress and bad decisions.

Imagine being in a crisis without being prepared. How would you handle it? What pitfalls and challenges would you encounter? Would you be able to make the right decision in a stressful situation?

We offer a powerful solution to strengthen your crisis leadership, increase your ability to handle various crises effectively and reduce stress when a crisis occurs – a real crisis exercise.

The Murphy Way: Create security in your most important moments

The exercise begins with a thorough start-up, where you get an introduction to the crisis exercise. Then, under the supervision of our experienced crisis management specialists, you get to deal with a fictitious scenario that affects your business. You can practically apply your knowledge and skills in a safe and controlled environment.

What is included in the exercise?

  • Leadership and group dynamics: Understanding pitfalls and success factors in crisis management.
  • Create an overview: Learn to prioritise the right decisions and create structure in crisis management.
  • Crisis Decision Making: Handle rapid and strategic decisions with confidence.
  • Stress management: Practical tools for managing stress and maintaining focus.
  • Repetition of theory: Relive and apply your previously trained knowledge.
  • Evaluation and feedback: Experienced specialists give you valuable insights and suggestions for improvement.

Continued work:

After the exercise, we conduct a thorough evaluation focusing on strengths and weaknesses. We give you concrete suggestions and advice for continued work on strengthening your crisis management skills.

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