How can municipalities work to strengthen civil defence within social services and municipal health care?

Due to the changed security policy situation, there is an increased need for a good crisis management capability and an excellent defence, where civil reason is essential. In this work, Sweden’s municipalities are central actors and social services, and municipal health care must be developed.

Sweden’s municipalities have therefore been commissioned by the National Board of Health and Welfare and the county administrative boards to map the preparedness of social services and municipal health care (S2021/05469). All municipalities have been allowed to requisition SEK 331,000 per municipality to carry out the needs analysis.

It is clear from the Authority for Civil Protection and Preparedness’s partial report on assignments regarding measures within civil defence (Ju 2022/01209) that the municipalities’ work with civil defence needs to be significantly strengthened. This is to ensure that all cities have the essential prerequisites to work with emergency preparations in civil protection and that the development of the ability continues with increased force in total defence.

We have produced a short list of proposals to help municipalities identify the current situation and present what needs to develop and strengthen the mdefencelity’s preparedness and civil defence.

  1. Start the work 

Rigid frameworks and an overall objective for the work.

  1. Documentation review

Review the municipality’s documentation, for example, governing documents, delegation arrangements, plans and routines. See what the city needs to do and what support is available during a crisis or war.

  1. Interviews

Carry out qualitative conversations with selected employees from both sectors, preferably with a managerial role, to gain a deeper insight into the preparedness work and development needs of both sectors.

  1.  Workshops

Conduct workshops with the selected sectors to summarize and jointly identify and discuss the prerequisites and target image for the work. As a suggestion, you let employees who have been interviewed also participate in workshops.

  1. Analysis

Review collected information from workshops, interviews and documentation to identify where the municipality stands today and what is needed to achieve the target image linked to preparedness and civil defence.

  1. Compile the work and report.

Compile a report on how social services and municipal health care must be developed. The information should include recommendations for further measures, proposals for a timetable and estimated costs for various capacity-building activities.

The Murphy Way: Increase preparedness without burdening staff more than necessary

Murphy Solutions’ vision is to contribute to safe organisations and society.

We deliver qualified competence support in crisis management, continuity management, risk management, security protection, information security and civil defence to both private and public businesses in all sectors and at all levels – from individual administrations to municipalities, regional and sector-responsible authorities and national authorities, as well as small local companies up to multinational group companies.

To help municipalities strengthen civil defence within social services and municipal healthcare, we have trained our staff in the area and developed a method that burdens existing resources in the city as little as possible.

Give your municipality the best possible conditions to increase preparedness without burdening the staff more than necessary.

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